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Lottoland is the ultimate website for adventurous lottery players. It lets you enter all the top international lotteries and win the biggest multi-million dollar prizes on the planet. Yet the stakes are minimal.

For example, you get the chance to win over a billion dollars with the US Powerball, at a trifling cost of just $5 per game. Given that the guaranteed minimum payout is $55 million, it’s hard to think of a better value return for your gambling dollar.

Take your chances of winning big even further, with the opportunity to play the US Mega Millions lottery. Its mega jackpot offers one of the world’s richest lottery bounties. There’s an awesome weekly minimum of $20 million, which increases very quickly, often reaching payouts of over $800 million. At only $5 per game, the US Mega Millions could see you have wealth beyond your dreams, all for the cost of a sandwich.

Your chance of becoming the next millionaire lottery winner doesn’t end there. Lottoland puts you in prime position to earn a fortune from the biggest lotto jackpots in Europe, letting you play both the Euro Millions and the Euro numbers. These European lotteries offer weekly jackpots of $21 million that can climb to staggering heights of up to $250 million, yet the entry fee remains an unbelievably affordable $5 a game.

Another easy way to boost your luck through Lottoland is with full access to the Australian lottos, which are drawn three times a week. Not only can you play the Superdraws and Megadraws, but you can also enjoy the thrill of Australia’s richest lottery, Australian Powerball. It’s drawn every Thursday and has paid out some dazzling jackpots, surpassing $50 million in the past.

Even when none of the major lotteries is being drawn, the action never ends. At Lottoland, you can play online Australian Keno, which offers 15 chances an hour to win a million dollars, for 17 hours a day. You could become a Keno millionaire with a stake as low as a dollar!

Lottoland players never have to worry about missing a draw, as we provide automatic subscriptions to all of the world’s richest lotteries. This ensures that your lucky numbers are always valid, for snaring you the big prizes at all times everywhere. You could consider forming a syndicate with family, friends and work associates, so you can test your luck for a minor outlay. You never know, with a smile from Lady Luck, you might well change the fortune of your lives forever.

Lottoland’s website, accessible anywhere in the world, offers you exciting opportunities all day long. Such an enormous amount of prize-money given away every week, for such a small outlay. To get involved, all you need to do is check out Lottoland and start thinking about which lotteries are the right one for you. One of these days, you might find yourself spending the rest of your life coasting along easy street!

Lottoland Covers Following Lotteries & More

Play US Powerball Online

For an outlay as small as $5 a game, you can win at least $55 million, thanks to US Powerball jackpots. All you need do is to select the five winning numbers, plus the US Powerball. Not only could you take home more than $1 billion, but there are also several extra chances to win, as the US Powerball pays out on nine divisions.

Entering is simple. Just pick the five Winning Powerball numbers from one to 69 and choose the winning US Powerball number from a range of one to 26. The excitement happens twice a week, with huge money draws taking place every Thursday and Sunday.

Imagine the thrill of collecting a multi-million dollar lump sum payment. If that’s too much money for you to handle at once, then you can arrange to receive annual instalments of your life-changing prize, over 30 years.

With Lottoland, you need never miss a draw. A subscription allows you to enter the multi-state based US Powerball automatically. To find out whether or not you chose the winning US Powerball numbers, visit the Lottoland website each week.

Play Euro Millions Lotto Online

Get access to weekly pools that grow from a juicy minimum of $21 million to well over a staggering $250 million by taking out a Euro Millions subscription with Lottoland.

The Euro Millions provide a golden opportunity to win a fortune, as tickets are available for an affordable $5 per game. Just pick five numbers from one to 50 and then add two star numbers from an easy choice of one to 11.

If luck strikes and you choose the winning Euro Millions numbers, get ready to party. You’ll be cashing in on the greatest jackpots offered in Europe since 2004, made up of an accumulation of massive pools from 13 European countries. You get two chances to win every week – on Tuesdays and Fridays.

You could even get your friends and work colleagues involved in a syndicate, to boost your chances of winning. Either way, order a Lottoland subscription, so you never miss an opportunity, even when you’re busy.

You can keep track of the amazing jackpots regularly paid out via the Euro Millions, by visiting the Lottoland website. Why not try devising your own multimillion dollar winning strategy, by studying past Euro Millions results?

Play US Mega Millions Lotto Online

Lottoland is the number one site in the world for accessing the chance to win millions of dollars of lottery winnings. The US Mega Millions is among the planet’s richest lottery games. For a meagre investment of $5, you can put yourself on the high road to winning hundreds of millions.

Simply select six numbers from a pool of one to 75, then pick the MegaBall by choosing a number from one to 15. This will put you in contention to win prizes that start from a guaranteed $20 million and sky-rocket to incredible amounts, regularly topping a mammoth $500 million. It’s hard to believe that one lucky person snared $840 million when the US Mega Millions paid out its record jackpot.

That’s a whole lotta money to spend, right? But, when you win, you get two options for take the winnings – as a mighty lump sum or as 30 yearly instalments. Choose the method that best suits you and your spending habits.

Lottoland’s automatic subscription option means you never have to go through the agony of watching your numbers get up, after forgetting to put in your weekly slip. Your winning Mega Millions numbers are always active, in all US Mega Millions draws on both Wednesdays and Saturdays, for as long as you like. Any time you want to check out previous Mega Millions results, you’ll find them on the site.

Play Australian Lotto Online

In Australia, there’s a variety of lottos that pay handsome rewards to lucky players. Thanks to Lottoland’s easy-to-use website, you can easily play all of them, whenever you like.

Playing lotto in Australia can look complex from the outside, with each state giving the Australian Lotto a different name – Tattslotto, Gold Lotto, X Lotto or Oz Lotto. But Lottoland makes playing a piece of cake. There are draws twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays, with payouts starting from $4 million. The regular Lotto Superdraws offer at least $20 million and the annual Lotto Megadraws grow as high as a whopping $30 million.

To add extra excitement to your week, put a regular entry in the Australian Powerball. It’s the most generous of all Australian lotteries, with a payout scheme of eight divisions. They’re drawn each Thursday and all you have to do is select six lucky numbers from one to 40 and a lucky Powerball number from a choice of one to 20. You’ll then be well and truly in the running to score some handsome payouts, with guaranteed weekly payouts of $3 million dollars, sometimes escalated to a healthy $50 million plus.

You can play all the Australian lotteries at Lottoland and, to make sure you never miss a game, enjoy the benefit of an automatic subscription. That way, on the day your lucky numbers come up, anywhere in the world, you won’t miss out.

Play Keno Online

Lottoland’s coverage of Australian Keno lets you enjoy endless lottery action. Keno begins at 2.34pm AEST and continues for over 17, action-packed hours, with the final draw concluding at 7:45am AEST.

That means there’s an opportunity to pick up a cool million dollars every four minutes. That translates to 15 chances of winning Keno every single hour. That’s pretty much a lotto player’s paradise!

If you’re not sure how to play Keno, it’s easy. You simply pick up to 10 numbers from a total of 60. To crack it for a million bucks, match your 10 numbers with any of the 20 winning numbers drawn for each game. Even if you don’t match all 10, there are plenty of prize divisions for fewer matches.

There’s no longer any need to attend a Keno venue, like a pub or club, because Lottoland lets you enjoy the thrill and excitement of Keno from any online device, including its mobile app. And, with outlays of just $1-$10 a game, anyone can play. For all you know, your next million dollar win is just a few minutes away!