Ladbrokes Multi Maker

Some people are not into sport in any way. Others take pleasure from playing, or watching, sports of their choice at different levels. Yet more may do this too, but also enjoy using sport events for recreational gambling. If this is you, then can we suggest you check out the superb MultiMaker facility now offered by Ladbrokes? This superb tool should appeal greatly and for a range of different reasons.

First of all, it offers many different options across a wide range of sports. These include our Australian big beasts of the NRL and AFL plus the huge hitters from America – the NBA and MLB. Add to this a range of other hugely popular sports betting opportunities, including soccer and tennis, and you’ll appreciate why this is a great place to create and place your multiplier bets.

In terms of the bets themselves, you can choose to make line or margin calls, or consider the key head to head individual and team clashes available to you.

Using Ladbrokes Multi Maker

Ease of use is one of the key points that Multi Maker offers. You should start with a visit to the Ladbrokes website. Depending on the device you use, after reaching the Multi Maker page, you’ll be able to download the relevant app, either for your iPhone or iPad, or for your Android device.

Constructing your multiplier bet is simple. Click through to the Multi Maker page from the main menu on your device. The slider menu and market buttons help you both choose your sports and move between the different Ladbrokes Multi Maker betting possibilities. As you construct your bets, you’ll be pleased to know that you can include up to a maximum of 13 selections in a single multiplier.

Imagine the payout if you get all your choices right! Well, to some extent you don’t have to – look at the bottom left corner of the screen and you’ll see the odds building as your bet does.

Once you are happy with your total number of legs, one click adds them to your betslip. Add the amount of your stake and confirm this and the bet is placed. It really is as effective and simple as that. If you haven’t already done so, do take a few minutes to check out Ladbrokes Multi Maker right now.

Ladbrokes Multi Bet Maker Guide

Increasing numbers of people are showing interest in the terrific Ladbrokes Multi Maker tool for building up and placing multiplier bets. Here’s a simple guide that tells you all you need to know to find out about it for yourself.

  • Head to the Ladbrokes website and click through to the Multi Maker page.
  • Once you have seen the visual of how easy to use the screen tool really is, you can add the relevant app to your iPad, iPhone or Android device by hitting the download link on that page.
  • To use Multi Maker, click through from the Ladbrokes homepage on your device. When you reach the relevant screen, you’ll find a range of market buttons and a slider facility. This will allow you to choose whether to opt for head to head contests, or focus on such as the Lines or Margins – other possibilities will be added to these as time passes.
  • In the same way, you can also select the sports you wish to consider. These include footy and rugby league, basketball and baseball, tennis and soccer and many others. If your sport isn’t there yet, Ladbrokes are keen to hear your suggestions.
  • You can build your multiplier bet up to an amazing 13 legs if you want to. As you add a selection, notice that the odds are updated in the bottom left of the screen. By the way, you cannot use Bonus Bets in your multi bets.
  • When you have completed your multiplier choices, simply click the ‘Add to betslip’ button. Two final quick actions: adding the amount your are wagering and then confirming you multiplier means that your bet has been placed.

The above should have shown just how simple it is to start using this superb Ladbrokes Multi Maker betting tool. Bets placed, you can surely treat yourself to a cold glass of something refreshing and wait for the teams or individuals you have selected to strut their stuff!