DraftStars Australia


Calling all sports betting fans, there’s now a daily fantasy sports league that you will love to play each day – DraftStars! A joint venture between CrownBet and Fox Sports, all of the best sports you enjoy can be played in this exciting and short-form version of traditional fantasy sports. AFL, NRL, NFL and even NBA basketball and international soccer can be played with DraftStars, including official daily fantasy sports partner the AFL.

How does a daily fantasy sports league like DraftStars differ from the more traditional, season-long fantasy sports leagues? While fantasy sports is usually played over a whole season, DraftStars is more exciting because the competitions take place over shorter periods, such as a week or even a single day of sporting events.

It’s fun to put together your DraftStars team made up of the best athletes from your favourite real-world sports league, to do battle against other fantasy teams. You then earn points depending on how your team fares, based on the actual statistical performances of your athletes in the real-world competitions that you love to watch on TV or from the grandstands.

That’s what makes DraftStars so exciting – because you don’t need to wait for the whole season to be over before you can cash in your winnings and start again! If you want to change your entire team of athletes after just one game, you can do that with DraftStars, so there’s no reason not to get picking now.

Your hand-picked DraftStars team can play fantasy NRL, fantasy AFL, fantasy NFL, fantasy EPL and other daily fantasy sports competitions for big cash prizes each week. A team can be put together in minutes based on our salary cap format, or try your luck with our exciting live draft system.

Did your DraftStars team not go well in a match? Why not try new players, tactics or even change the entire team or league – you’ll never get bored because of the amount of contests and options on offer.

The DraftStars live match centre is where you can keep an eye on your contest standings on the leader board, as well as follow your team’s progress and watch your players and opponents score points in real time.

How to Play DraftStars

Playing DraftStars is easy and fun, and the excitement all starts in the lobby. Choose a contest from all of the available games, including NRL, AFL, NFL, NBA and even EPL, put together a team within minutes and start playing against your friends – it’s just that simple. You can sort by sport, contest type, payout, entry amount and more, so there’s always something to keep it fresh.

There are also many ways to win at DraftStars, the best daily fantasy sports league on the internet. Some contests are winner take all, while others you share the cash among hundreds or even thousands of winners, so the odds of success are incredibly high. Whatever way you choose to play and win is up to you.

That’s because there are multiple game options for all your favourite daily fantasy sports games and tournaments with DraftStars, not to mention the exclusive live draft. In the content options, you can find guaranteed contests, featured contests with no less than enormous cash prize pools, plus head-to-head and multiplayer games that you and your friends will never get bored of.

Even those who are brand-new to the exciting world of daily fantasy sports will love DraftStars, thanks to the beginners’ contest that lets you get an easy feel for the fantasy cash games. If you’re familiar with traditional fantasy sports, you still get to choose your team for game day – the difference with DraftStars is that you can switch out your entire team for all-new players if you like. You’ll love having the ability to put together the very best team each and every day, within the confines of a salary cap, of course!

Once your DraftStars team is put together, head to the live view through My Contests or My Lineups to watch the contests play out in real time. Player stats and scores update live, and you can even track your position in the contest in real time as you go head to head for big prizes and bragging rights.

DraftStars Scoring System

When it comes to scoring and succeeding with your hand-picked daily fantasy sports team at DraftStars, there are various systems that apply. Whether you play your fantasy cash games based on the real-world sports of AFL, NRL, NBA, or the NFL, points are awarded slightly differently but there are always many ways to win.

If fantasy AFL is your favourite daily DraftStars game with CrownBet, there are 9 different ways to either score points for that cash game win or have points deducted, for example, if a free kick is awarded against your star player.

13 different ways to score await you if fantasy NRL is your sport of choice for DraftStars, depending on how your chosen players are performing on the field in their real-world game. And when you are bidding for a cash game win by playing fantasy NBA with DraftStars, there are 8 different ways to score and an additional 3 ways to add bonus points to your tally.

When you play fantasy NFL with DraftStars, points scoring is based on offense and defense. Based on how your players are faring in the real world, there are 11 different ways to score offense points and no less than 14 ways to score when it comes to defense.

The best thing about DraftStars is the flexibility, as you can not only mix up your teams and play differently every day, but there is also a wide variety of sports and contest types. You can play a full round of matches over a weekend and even play an individual match at a time in many cases.

Starting to play is as easy as picking your favourite sport and contest from the DraftStars lobby, and then starting to select and draft your ultimate fantasy team – which takes mere minutes. Once you’re done, start entering free or paid contests against your mates or other DraftStars players, and you’re on the road to real-world cash prizes.