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Problem Gambling

Gambling is a pastime that is enjoyed responsibly across Australia by many. In fact, up to 8 out of every 10 adults love the occasional flutter, with many placing a bet on a horse or dropping a coin in a poker machine on a weekly basis. Many enjoy gambling as it is intended – as a great form of entertainment. Statistics show that almost every Australian places a bet in one way or another at least once a year, which can involve anything from buying a lottery ticket to visiting the casino.

However, gambling can also be addictive, creating problems and harm for some people and their families. While the risk of running into trouble is low for people who buy the odd ‘scratchie’ or lottery ticket, it is estimated that 95,000 ‘pokie’ players and 115,000 Australians overall are problem gamblers, with many more considered to be at risk.

The important thing to remember is that, if you suspect you might have a gambling problem, you are not alone. Help is easily accessible in a couple of effective forms. Firstly, you can apply for what is called ‘self-exclusion‘, which is a voluntary system where betting companies will not take your bets. This option allows you to decide the length of the exclusion, whether you extend it further, and when you think you are ready to gamble responsibly again.

You can also get gambling help through Gambling Help Online. This is a useful resource for accessing support and connecting with other people who may also be proactively dealing with their gambling problems.